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Equal Access of Women to Justice

Persisting inequalities between women and men, gender bias and stereotypes also result in unequal access of women and men to justice. A study into women's access to the European Court of Human Rights drew attentation to the low number of applications filed by women, pointing out that this possibily reflects obstacles experienced by women at national level. Reasons advanced include lack of awareness, confidence and resources, gender bias and cultural, social and economic barriers. These barriers are particularly important in the case of women victims of violence or in situations of vulnerability, such as women vitims of various forms of discrimination.


Conference “Towards guaranteeing equal access of women to justice” (15-16 October 2015, Bern, Switzerland)

Seminar “Tackling the gaps in research and the lack of data disaggregated by sex concerning women’s equal access to justice” Paris, 26-27 June 2014 


Hearing “Access to Justice for Women Victims of Violence” Paris, 9 December 2013 

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