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From linguistic diversity to plurilingual education: Guide for the development of language education policies in Europe 

The aim of the Guide is to offer an analytical instrument which can serve as a reference document for the formulation or reorganisation of language teaching in member states.

Its purpose is to provide a response to the need to formulate language policies to promote plurilingualism and diversification in a planned manner so that decisions are coherently linked. Accordingly, the Guide does not promote any particular language education policy but attempts to identify the challenges and possible responses in the light of common principles.

It constitutes one of the key documents for the development of (national or regional) Language Education Policy Profiles.

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Introduction to the Guide and to Language Education Policy Profiles: Leaflet

Reference Studies 

The Guide is accompanied by a series of separately published Reference Studies on key policy issues which provide in-depth analysis of key issues mentioned in the Main Version.

These texts are all downloadable (average length: around twenty pages)

List of Studies

n-depth analysis of key issues mentioned in the Main Version.

The Guide and Reference Studies