One in Five

Interview with Ms Sosa Govea, Mexican Senator, member of the Mexican delegation to the PACE and contact parliamentarian for the ONE in FIVE Campaign

24.01.12 Ms Sosa Govea describes the origins of the ONE in FIVE Campaign in Mexico and how it has subsequently been developed. Ms Sosa Govea also points out that other Latin American countries are interested in promoting the Campaign, and in this interview, she explains why it would be very important if Mexico were to become the first non-member state of the Council of Europe to ratify the Lanzarote Convention. She points out: “By raising the level of importance of this problem, I believe that the Mexican children will be well protected … not only within the family but especially in the field of pornography, grooming, and sexual tourism. I feel that in doing this, we need to work together, starting from the family”. She then goes on to share her future plans to further promote the Campaign at all levels of Mexican society.

Watch the video interview here