One in Five

ONE in FIVE Campaign Goodwill Ambassador for Cyprus interviewed on popular Cyprot TV show “Me tin Elita”

23.09.2011 - Mr George Theofanous, Goodwill Ambassador for the ONE in FIVE Campaign in Cyprus was interviewed on the very popular Cyprot channel, Sigma TV.

Mr Theofanous introduced the aims and messages of the Council of Europe ONE in FIVE Campaign to stop sexual violence against children and explained his involvement with the organisation “Hope for Children” UNCRC Policy Center, the campaign partner of the Council of Europe in Cyprus. He emphasised that one in five children in Europe is a victim of sexual abuse and that in Cyprus a high number of cases of sexual violence against children have been reported.

In the interview, Mr Theofanous described the efforts of the organisation “Hope for Children” to promote the Council of Europe ONE in FIVE Campaign and to raise awareness of these important issues in the society at large, so that teachers can talk to children in schools, and parents can make higher efforts to protect their children.

He added that the Minister of Labour is committed to take actions by creating a strong legal framework that would protect children and tackle sexual violence.

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