Poverty is the primary obstacle to development and a decent quality of life. It is more than a lack of income and resources. Its manifestations lead to several deprivations: limited access to health care, education, water and housing, but also the phenomenon of social discrimination and exclusion, and lack of participation in decision-making. This goal is linked to SDG 10, which aims to reduce inequalities. 

The approach of the Congress of Local and Regional Authorities is based on three key principles: achieving SDGs is the shared responsibility of all levels of government; local and regional authorities must have the necessary competences and financial autonomy to achieve the goals in their respective areas; citizens must always remain at the heart of the action.

For the Congress, the poverty eradication is based on citizen responsibility. Through its local dimension, the Congress battles against poverty by promoting policies ensuring sustainable livelihoods and equality.

The Congress adopted the following texts in relation to SDG 1: