The main partners and beneficiaries of the Project are Parliament, Ministry of Justice Ministry of Internal Affairs, Superior Council of Magistracy, Supreme Court of Justice, General Prosecutor's Office, Superior Council of Prosecutors, Bar Association, People's Advocate Office (Ombudsperson Institution), National Council for the Prevention of Torture (National Preventive Mechanism), National Institute of Justice.

The main aim is to further ensure higher respect for human rights in the functioning of the criminal justice system in the Republic of Moldova by assisting the national authorities to build an effectively functioning criminal justice system which is in line with European human rights standards, based on the principles of humanisation, resocialisation and restorative justice.

Three expected results are foreseen under the project:

  • Justice stakeholders apply pre-trial detention in compliance with the Council of Europe standards;
  • Justice stakeholders use a better criminal sentencing framework, including more effective community sanctions;
  • Stakeholders, implementing external monitoring, are more effective in prevention of human rights violations within the criminal justice system.

With a view to achieving these results, several activities will be implemented:

  • Support the justice stakeholders to improve the quality of investigations into illtreatment and management of places of pre-trial detention;
  • Support the justice stakeholders to apply more noncustodial measures at the pre-trial state of criminal proceedings;
  • Support the criminal justice actors to apply more humanised approach to sentencing;
  • Improve the capacities and visibility of the Ombudsperson Institution and the National Preventive Mechanism in dealing with the human rights violations in criminal justice sector.

Project information

  • Duration: 30 months (1 March 2021 - 31 August 2023)
  • Place/country: Moldova
  • Budget: EUR 866 000
  • Funding: Council of Europe Action Plan for the Republic of Moldova for 2021-2024

Project documentation