Enter Dignityland! A game on social rights

A game for learning about social rights with young people through human rights education

In the framework of the Enter! project, the youth sector of the Council of Europe has produced in 2012 the Enter Dignityland! cards game on social rights, in which players, as Members of Parliament in an imaginary country called Dignityland, are asked to decide on the social policies concerning social rights within a development plan for the next five years. Through argumentation and decision-making processes, players learn more about social rights and their links to social policies.

The game can be played in different contexts, in formal and non-formal educational settings, as part of a training course, in schools, in peer groups or within any educational activity.
Enter Dignityland! is based on an original game about social rights, created by the Community Volunteers Foundation in Turkey, Toplum Gönüllüleri Vakfı (TOG) and Istanbul Bilgi University NGO Training and Research Unit from Turkey, called “Life is hard” (“Hayat Zor!”), and has been adapted with their contributions and permission.
We hope this game will be an important step in exploring social rights!
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Translations of the game

You can also translate the game in your language: find out how.
The availability of the educational game Enter Dignityland! in the wide variety of the languages spoken by users and beneficiaries plays a central role in disseminating human rights education in youth work and the promotion of access and information about social rights for young people.
The availability of the game in the everyday language of educators and young people is crucial to make it used, usable and truly relevant.

Guidelines for the translation of the game

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Portuguese translation of the game

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