In April 2024, during the Venice Biennale opening, The Other Session, supported by the Council of Europe, curated by David Liver and Michael Kaethler, unfolded as a groundbreaking performative talk at the Docks Cucchini in Venice.

Departing from traditional panel formats, it brought together a diverse array of participants—from Council of Europe representatives to artists, experts, and civil society members—on a unified stage. Through mutual exchange, they dissolved boundaries and fostered a collective experience of co-creation, forging a fleeting yet vibrant new community in which to partook. Among the esteemed speakers were Kata Krasznahorkai, Hicham Khalidi, Timea Junghaus, Luna de Rosa representing the Roma diaspora, Lesia Pcholka, Gabriel Fontana, Antonio Manuèl, Manolo Borja, as well as local associations Olivolo and Agrisarte. Matjaž Gruden, Director for Democracy at the Council of Europe, lent his insights to the event and explained the importance of culture for our democracies and societies. The Other Session served as an experimental endeavor to embody Artistic Freedom while commemorating the 70th anniversary of the European Cultural Convention.

Matjaž Gruden, No Culture, No Democracy
Artistic Freedom under Scrutiny
Michael Kaethler & David Liver, An Experimental Observatory on Artistic Freedom
Kata Krasznahorkai, The Goal of Artistic Freedom
Gabriel Fontana, Le Sport, un Objet Culturel
Lesia Pcholka, Invisible Trauma
Hicham Khaldi, Within Relations Freedom Arises
Luna De Rosa, Performing Roma Emargination
Timea Junghaus, For a Transnational Recognition of Roma Arts and Culture

Heimat, 2022 Lesia Pcholka