The Task Force on Roma Youth Participation was created by decision of the Joint Council on Youth at its 42nd meeting in March 2020 as part of the follow-up to the evaluation of the Roma Youth Action Plan (2011-2019).

The Task Force was specifically tasked with:

  • Preparing a proposal for the continuation of the work on Roma youth participation in the 2020-2021 biennium and within the 2030 Youth Strategy;
  • Identifying priorities and specific missions of the youth sector, in articulation with the Roma and Travellers Division and safeguard the necessary role of Roma and non-Roma youth civil society;
  • Assessing the opportunity and feasibility of preparing a recommendation by the Committee of Ministers on Roma youth participation, notably by identifying the possible substance of the recommendations and their relevance for youth (and Roma) policy stakeholders in Member states.

The Task Force generated interested from all major stakeholders in the Youth and Roma sectors. It held 2 online meetings, in June and in September 2020; it convened exceptionally on 12 January 2021 in order to review and adopted these conclusions and recommendations.

The work of the Task Force was significantly supported by the study on Roma Youth Participation and Inclusion in Standards, Policies, and Programmes in Europe, carried out by Margareta Matache for the Council of Europe. The study grounds the work and conclusions of the Task Force in the broader context, perceptions and needs of Roma young people, Roma organisations and Europe/international organisations concerned with the human rights and social inclusion of Roma people in Europe. The study strengthens need and evidence-based approaches for youth policy interventions.