Reviewing the Results of the Roma Youth Action Plan (2016-2019) in relation to Roma youth participation and combating antigypsyism

The seminar on the results and impact of the RYAP is devoted to review achievements and identify future priorities for the youth sector regarding Roma youth participation and combating antigypsyism. It brings together stakeholders, experts and multipliers of the RYAP including: Roma youth organisations and networks, as well as, the members of the Informal Contact Group of the Roma Youth Action Plan, governmental institutions reached by the RYAP activities; young people and organisations involved in the RYAP at the national and local levels, representatives of national youth councils, trainers and Roma youth leaders.

The aim of the seminar was to assess the overall impact of the RYAP project and its response to the needs and aspiration of Roma young people. It also examined good practices and recommended further actions to learn from them and youth participation and double mainstreaming.