• Strengthening Roma youth identity
    Supporting the creation in Europe of an environment where Roma young people can grow up free from discrimination and confident about their identity and future perspectives while appreciating their history, plural cultural backgrounds, and affiliations as young people, as Roma, as citizens of their countries, and as active Europeans.
  • Roma youth participation and building a stronger Roma youth movement
    With this objective the Roma Youth Action Plan will facilitate and enable Roma youth alliances within and outside Roma communities, mobilise Roma youth and stake their position in their communities and in European society at large.
  • Human rights and human rights education
    Raising awareness of the human rights situation of young Roma; promoting a culture of human rights.
  • Combating structural discrimination and antigypsyism
    Promoting systemic changes to structural forms of discrimination and combating antigypsyism through enforcing existing anti-discrimination norms and promoting human rights education.
  • Supporting Roma young people’s access to social rights and their transition to autonomy and work life
    With this objective the project will create opportunities for Roma young people to develop responses to discrimination and social exclusion through development of youth work and youth policy.
  • Addressing multiple discrimination and and fostering gender equality
    This specific objective is to empower groups that experience multiple discriminations, including from within Roma communities, such as young women, Gay and Lesbian Roma, migrants and religious or linguistic groups.