Strengthening Roma youth identity Strengthening Roma youth identity

The specific objective is to support the creation in Europe of an environment where Roma young people can grow up free from discrimination, confident about their identity and future perspectives, and appreciate their history, plural cultural backgrounds and affiliations as young people, as Roma, as citizens of their countries and as active Europeans.

The expected outcomes relevant to this objective are:
  • knowledge about Roma history and language is promoted among young people, both within and outside Roma communities. Specific events, for example International Roma Day (8 April), and Roma and Sinti Genocide Remembrance Day (2 August), are used to strengthen Roma identity and raise awareness of Roma history and language;
  • good practices and positive examples of initiatives and policies that support Roma identity are promoted to trigger other initiatives, through exchanges of practices;
  • non-formal educational approaches are used more widely in youth activities to foster Roma identity and to overcome discrimination.
  • Roma identity and culture to be incorporated as an transversal issue within all programmes and projects in support of Roma young people