Giuseppe Palmisano addressed the participants at the 30th International Day to Combat Extreme Poverty

17/10/2017 Strasbourg, France

“Today we have laws against dire poverty, we have the European Social Charter, we have the Declaration signed here 5 years ago by the four pillars of the Council of Europe, but we still have to define the priorities for action and to put them into practice at regional, national and local level....

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295th Session of the European Committee of Social Rights

12/10/2017 Strasbourg, France

The European Committee of Social Rights will convene for its 295th session from 16 to 20 October 2017 in Strasbourg. The Committee will continue the examination of the draft Conclusions 2017 of the Charter with respect to the thematic group “Health, social security and social protection” as well...

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Decisions adopted by the European Committee of Social Rights at its 294th session

04/10/2017 Strasbourg

The European Committee of Social Rights adopted during its 294th session (11-15 September 2017): The decision on admissibility in the case UGL-CFS and SAPAF v. Italy, Complaint No. 143/2017. The complaint registered on 9 February 2017 relates to Articles 1 (right to work), 5 (right to organise)...

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The CEB approves financing for seven new social projects

29/09/2017 Strasbourg, France

The Administrative Council of the Council of Europe Development Bank (CEB) approved on 29 September 2017 seven new loans worth close to €1.3 billion. This brings the total amount approved for social projects so far this year to almost €3.5 billion. The projects concern Belgium, Italy, the...

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5th meeting of the CoE-FRA-ENNHRI-EQUINET Platform on social and economic rights

26/09/2017 Riga, Latvia

The 5th Meeting of the CoE-FRA-ENNHRI-EQUINET Collaborative Platform on Social and Economic Rights, organised at the initiative of the Ombudsman of the Republic of Latvia, aims in particular at initiating a discussion on the implementation of particular articles of the European Social Charter....

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136th meeting of the Governmental Committee of the European Social Charter and the European Code of Social Security

25-29/09/2017 Strasbourg, France

The Governmental Committee of the European Social Charter and the European Code of Social Security will convene for its 136th meeting from 25 to 29 September 2017 in Strasbourg to examine, among other points, the follow-up measures taken by the State Parties with respect to the 2016 Conclusions...

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Second meeting of the European Social Cohesion Platform

19-20/09/2017 Strasbourg, France

The European Social Cohesion Platform (PECS) met for the second time on 19-20 September 2017, in Strasbourg. The meeting focused on the finalisation of the implementation of its mandate 2016-2017 and on possible future orientations. The Platform was created as an ad hoc committee to respond to...

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New complaints registered concerning France

11/09/2017 STRASBOURG

The complaint Confédération générale du travail (CGT) v. France, 154/2017 was registered on 28 July 2017. It relates to article 4§2 (right to a fair remuneration) of the revised European Social Charter. The CGT alleges that French law 2016-1088 authorising the arrangement of working time for a...

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New complaints registered concerning Italy

11/09/2017 STRASBOURG

The complaint Unione sindacale di base –settore pubblico impiego (USB) v. Italy, No. 152/2017, was registered on 12 July 2017. It relates to Articles 1 (the right to work), 4 (the right to a fair remuneration), 6§4 (the right to bargain collectively – collective action), 10 (the right to...

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The perimeters of social Europe on the agenda of the autumn meetings of the AFDT

09/09/2017 Strasbourg, France

The French Association of labour law and social security (AFDT) and the Faculty of Law of the University of Strasbourg organised a meeting under the topic “The perimeters of social Europe” that took place at the European Court of Human Rights on 8 and 9 September 2017. The debate focused on the...

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