Welcome to the Council of Europe Programme Office in Skopje

North Macedonia and the Council of Europe have a long-standing co-operation whose foundations are laid in the respect of human rights, democracy and the rule of law. North Macedonia became the 38th member State of the Council of Europe on 9 November 1995 and is actively involved in all aspects of the mission and work of our Organisation. The Council of Europe Programme Office in Skopje was established in 2012, covering a variety of co-operation projects.

Working in close collaboration with the national authorities, representatives of the civil society and other partners, the Office is currently implementing key European Union and Council of Europe joint programmes, in particular the Horizontal Facility for the Western Balkans and Türkiye (Horizontal Facility III), with a focus on the reform in the justice system, fight against economic crime, promoting anti-discrimination and protecting the rights of vulnerable groups as well as improving the application of the European standards in the field of freedom of expression and freedom of the media.

Additional co-operation activities are carried out in the framework of other regional programmes, focused on Roma inclusion at the local level (ROMACTED) and on the fight against cybercrime (iPROCEEDS).

In our page you may find valuable information and key resources regarding current and past initiatives being implemented in the framework of the Council of Europe Programme Office in Skopje as well as important communication concerning the work and activities of the Council of Europe.

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