Advancing Free Legal Aid in North Macedonia – partners and beneficiaries discuss key results and challenges on the Final Steering Committee Meeting

23 November 2022 Skopje

In order to take stock of the current achievements, the 6th Steering Committee meeting of the EU and Council of Europe joint action “Supporting enhanced access to higher quality Free Legal Aid services in North Macedonia” took place on 23 November 2022 in Skopje. The meeting brought together...

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Call for tenders: Purchase of printers for the Ministry of Justice of North Macedonia

24 November 2022 North Macedonia

Within the framework of the joint European Union/Council of Europe programme “Horizontal Facility for the Western Balkans and Turkey 2019-2022”, the Council of Europe is currently implementing the action on Supporting enhanced access to higher quality free legal aid (FLA) services in North...

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Law on access to state compensation for victims of human trafficking adopted in North Macedonia

16 November 2022 Skopje

The Parliament of North Macedonia adopted the Law on State Compensation for Victims of Violent Crimes (the Law). The EU and Council of Europe joint action “Preventing and Combating Human Trafficking in North Macedonia” continuously supported the Ministry of Justice to prepare this Law since 2017,...

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North Macedonia’s medical and other prison staff trained on mental healthcare provision

17 November 2022 North Macedonia

Eight doctors and medical personnel, alongside with ten prison officers working in six penitentiary institutions in North Macedonia enhanced their knowledge on mental healthcare management in prisons. This two-day session took place on 16-17 November 2022 in Skopje – the first ever such training...

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Impact of COVID 19 on women’s access to justice: what are the next steps?

10 November 2022 Strasbourg

What can states do to address persistent and emerging challenges and barriers women face when accessing justice? How can the Covid-19 pandemic incentivise legal professionals in the national justice systems to rethink and reshape national approaches to access to justice and gender equality? Join...

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Kindergarten teachers prepared to recognise signs of child trafficking in North Macedonia

9 - 10 November 2022 Skopje

In 2021 and 2022, the Macedonian authorities have identified 13 child victims of human trafficking, subjected to sexual exploitation, forced marriage and begging. Being the victim of trafficking can have serious long-term effects on children and youth, causing them to drop out of school,...

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1st review of the implementation of North Macedonia’s Penitentiary Strategy: improve of material conditions and healthcare in prisons

3 - 4 November 2022 North Macedonia

Fifteen months after its adoption by the Government, the implementation of the National Strategy on the Development of the Penitentiary System in North Macedonia (2021-25) was reviewed by a dedicated working group, composed of senior representatives from the Directorate for the Execution of...

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Representatives from 15 Municipalities in North Macedonia enhance their skills on anti-discrimination and access to free legal aid

27 - 28 October 2022 Skopje

Two capacity building sessions for Community Facilitators and Municipal Administration from North Macedonia, were held in Skopje focusing on antidiscrimination and combating hate speech, including an informative session on free legal aid services. 35 participants from 15 municipalities,...

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Round Table on further improving the efficiency of the External Oversight Mechanism in North Macedonia

2 November 2022 Skopje

Representatives of the Public Prosecutor’s Office, the Ombudsman office and senior officials of the Ministry of Interior in charge of internal control over the police met on 2 November 2022 in Skopje, to discuss their cooperation and how to increase the efficiency of the External Oversight...

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Proposals for amending the Law on Free Legal Aid discussed at the 10th meeting of the FLA National Co-ordination Body in North Macedonia

7 October 2022 Skopje

The 10th meeting of the National Co-ordination Body for the implementation of the Law on Free Legal Aid (NCB) in North Macedonia, took place in Skopje on 7 October 2022 to discuss important questions regarding the Free Legal Aid system in North Macedonia. Organised in the framework of the...

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Digital capacities of the Macedonian Academy for Judges and Prosecutors and the Albanian School of Magistrates supported with the upgraded e-libraries

27 October 2022 Strasbourg

The joint European Union and Council of Europe action “Judicial training institutes for Quality and Sustainability” has supported the Albanian School of Magistrates and the Macedonian Academy for Judges and Public Prosecutors with the development and implementation of the e-library accessible via...

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Youth showed red card to hate speech and say ‘Block the hatred. Share the love!’

30 October 2022 Skopje

A raising awareness event for youth, families, parents and supporters was organised within the framework of the joint European Union and the Council of Europe campaign "Block the hatred. Share the love!". This time, the campaign landed in the football fields of Skopje, in co-operation with the...

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Data analysis on hate speech and hate crime promoted in Skopje

14 September 2022 Skopje

Key partners, beneficiaries, institutions and civil society organisations attended the public presentation of the “Data analysis on hate speech and hate crime” which was prepared within the action “Promotion of diversity and equality in North Macedonia”, under the joint European Union/Council of...

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The achievements of regional co-operation on freedom of expression and freedom of the media discussed in Montenegro

20 October 2022 Budva, Montenegro

The Closing Conference of the joint European Union and Council of Europe action “Freedom of expression and freedom of the media in South-East Europe (JUFREX)” has brought together the main partners and beneficiaries of the action. It was attended by representatives of legal professions and their...

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Diplomatic and consular professionals in North Macedonia involved in the protection of victims of trafficking

27 October 2022 Skopje

North Macedonia is a country of origin, transit and destination for women, men and children subjected to trafficking for the purpose of sexual exploitation, forced labour, forced begging and sham marriage. The progress made by the Government in the identification of victims, with the support of...

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PRESS RELEASE: European Day of Justice 2022 marked in North Macedonia: Free Legal Aid services improving citizens’ access to justice

25 October 2022 Skopje

The European Day of Justice 2022 was marked today in North Macedonia with a high-level conference organised in co-operation with the Ministry of Justice. The conference took stock of the results of the awareness raising campaign on free legal aid in North Macedonia, an initiative of the joint...

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Two HELP courses launched for the lawyers in North Macedonia

30 September 2022 Skopje

Two important HELP courses on “Violence against women and domestic violence” and “Fight against racism, homophobia and transphobia” have been launched for legal professionals in North Macedonia. Around 100 lawyers have registered to attend these online HELP courses, organised in co-operation with...

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Two HELP courses launched for the judges and prosecutors in North Macedonia

5 - 7 October 2022 Skopje

Two HELP (Human Rights Education for Legal Professionals) online courses - on “Key human principles in biomedicine” and “Standards of the European Committee for the Prevention of Torture and Inhuman or Degrading Treatment or Punishment (CPT)” have been launched for legal professionals in North...

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The European Anti-trafficking Day celebrated in Skopje

18 - 19 October 2022 Skopje

The European Anti-trafficking Day, 18 October, was celebrated in Skopje through awareness raising about online trafficking and abuse of children and a two-day training of trainers on supporting and protecting child victims of trafficking. The activities were supported by the joint action of the...

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European Anti-Trafficking Day: States must urgently tackle human trafficking for labour exploitation


Ahead of the European Anti-Trafficking Day (18 October), the Council of Europe’s Group of Experts on Action against Trafficking in Human Beings (GRETA) has stressed the urgency of tackling the growing menace of trafficking for the purpose of labour exploitation. Helga Gayer, President of GRETA,...

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