The City of Melton is located in the outer western fringe of metropolitan Melbourne, about 40 kilometers west of the Melbourne CBD. The City is one of the fastest growing municipalities in Australia. In 2017 its estimated population is 143,003 with an annual growth rate of 4%.

Population diversity

The estimated population of the City of Melton is 173,072 as of Sep 2020. In 2019 - 2020 the City grew at 5.2 per cent - the second fastest growing municipality in Victoria equating to 100 new people calling the City of Melton home every week. Population projections indicate that the City’s population will be more than 485,061 by 2051, making it larger than the size of Canberra today. By 2051, it is expected that population of the City will be more than double -be in excess of 477,900 residents.

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