Donostia-San Sebastián is the capital of Gipuzkoa province in the Basque Country and is situated at the north coast of the Iberian Peninsula. The city has more than 186.125 inhabitants (January 2014. In spite of being a relatively small city, Donostia/San Sebastián has forged a name on the international level, thanks to, among others, its remarkable cultural activity to which belongs the international San Sebastian Film Festival. On top of that, the city has been awarded the title European Cultural Capital 2016, together with Wrocław.

Population diversity

The largest minority group- people from Central and South America- makes up 3 % of the city’s population. Non-nationals make up 6.63% of San Sebastian’s total inhabitants.

Profile and activities

With the aim to manage diversity with an intercultural focus, Donostia integrated in the RECI network and has adopted an action plan: Strategy for the City 2020-E2020DSS. To its objectives belong the development of policies and programs in different areas that facilitate the reception of immigrants and their social dynamism, with the end to create an open and inclusive city.

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