The city Charter, starting from the first Section , describes our local community as “open” and “leaning toward the sea”. It also states that Bari is “a traditional place for meetings and exchanges” and a centre of attraction for the development of the South of Italy, the Mediterranean area and the Balkans”. In particular, the city “foster human rights, the culture of peace, international cooperation and cultural integration, according to the European Union principles”. Bari’s propensity is to be an “ark of peace”, working for peace, also joining the National Local Authorities Committee for peace and human rights.

Population diversity
The strategic placement of Bari metropolis as a border land makes it very interested to the Mediterranean areas for development policies. Today this heritage of contaminations is reflected in the new social structure with a relevant migration, especially from the Balkans, from Africa and Asia. Our aim is to reach a complete cultural and social integration respecting diversity. Our main efforts are in school integration, training about topics related to human rights, education to gender  and cultural differences and we involve all the citizens in the intercultural practice.
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Antonio DECARO

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