New online training: The Intercultural City Step-by-step

14 December 2021
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New online training: The Intercultural City Step-by-step

The experience of the cities in the Intercultural Cities programme shows that diversity can be managed as a resource. Despite its complexity and the potential conflicts that may arise in diverse communities, a positive and skilful approach to diversity management can lead cities to hugely benefit from what migrants, minorities and people with diverse background can offer to the community. To do this, cities need to review a range of institutions, services and policies, and create the appropriate governance structures, mechanisms and policies to remove obstacles as well as enhance the integration of migrants and diversity inclusion.

The interactive online Step-by-Step course is a tool for assisting cities in this endeavour. The principles, tools and examples presented in the course aim to inspire all cities looking for solutions and ideas of how to ensure equality, inclusion and societal cohesion in culturally diverse environments. The course is built on the guide The intercultural city step by step and videos produced by ICC expert Carla Calado, together with questions to consider and short quizzes with feedback. The course is open to all and provides a comprehensive understanding of how to apply the intercultural lens to your work.

Happy learning!

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