The Council of Europe supports the promotion of human rights and democracy through education, as a mean of building peaceful societies where the human dignity of all people is respected.

With the adoption of the Charter on Education for Democratic Citizenship and Human Rights Education (Recommendation CM/ Rec(2010)7, the member states committed themselves to “the aim of providing every person within their territory with the opportunity of education for democratic citizenship and human rights education”. Although the charter is a non-binding legal instrument, it provides a unique common European framework of reference and is a focus and catalyst for action in the member states.

In 2022 a review of the Charter’s implementation will be undertaken. Within the Italian Presidency of the Committee of Ministers, a Forum on Democratic Citizenship and Human Rights Education with young people will be held in Torino from 11 to 13 April. This activity will be devoted to assess the situation, trends and needs for EDC/HRE across the Council of Europe and identify future priorities for the upcoming five years.

The purposes of this review cycle are further strengthening the Charter implementation, support the development of strategic goals for the next five years and facilitate the development of national indicators/benchmarks/priorities that can allow assessing progress achieved and guiding further action at national and international level. The third review of the charter will thus be carried out between November 2021 and March 2022, in the framework and conditions outlined in this call.