Garden policy: MONTENEGRO

 Institution(s) in charge

No specific institution in charge on national level. Until 4 years ago Natural Protection Institute was sole agency in charge of nature management. Nowadays, its competencies were confined to municipalities and the Environmental Protection Agency of Montenegro. They are all under jurisdiction of the Ministry of Sustainable Development and Tourism.   


 Other actors

  • Association of Landscape Architects of Montenegro (UPACG)
    85340  Herceg Novi, Save Kovačevića 31, Montenegro Mail
    The association was founded few years ago with the aim to promote the profession of landscape architecture through raising awareness about natural landscape protection, protection of natural and cultural heritage, landscape planning, parks and urban open spaces design, landscape and urban design, through cooperation with different  institutes and  organizations, as well as different activities on inventories, databases etc. Association is nonprofit and non-governmental, and finance resources are very poor.


 Relevant legislation

  • Law on Nature Protection;
  • Law on Spatial Development  and Construction of Structures
  • Law on Environment Impact Assessment


 Protection measures

8 protected gardens, public and private,   

Level of protection: IUCN  III/V


 Existing inventories

Parks are mostly from the beginning of the XX century, Botanical gardens are from the period after II World War. Park maintenance is poor, the main structures are kept, but most of the plants and hedges from that period have disappeared.


 Online information

The online information systems about parks and gardens in Montenegro are very poorly developed. Limited information can be found on links in the inventory above. Inventories exist, and they can be found in municipal services in charge of park maintenance.


 Specialised training

There is no formal training for landscape architects in Montenegro. School of mathematical and natural sciences offers courses on botany, geology, paedology, and related scientific fields. School of Architecture in Podgorica there is one term course of landscape architecture.


 Awareness-raising actions

Different activities, from time to time at local level


 Terminology tools

There is no glossary/thesaurus



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