(Article 9 of the Statute)

  1. There shall be a Bureau composed of the President and the Vice-President referred to in Article 8 paragraph 8 above and five other persons elected by the GRECO, among the representatives of the members entitled to vote which are, as far as possible, Parties to at least one of the international legal instruments adopted in pursuance of the Programme of action against corruption.
  2. The Bureau shall carry out the following functions:
    • prepare the preliminary draft annual programme of activities and the draft annual activity report;
    • make proposals to the GRECO concerning the preliminary draft budget;
    • organise country visits on the basis of the decisions taken by the GRECO;
    • make proposals to the GRECO on the composition of the ad hoc evaluation teams;
    • prepare the agenda for the meetings of the GRECO including those at which evaluation reports will be discussed;
    • make proposals to the GRECO as regards the provisions to be selected for evaluation procedures in pursuance of  Article 10 paragraph 3 below;
    • make proposals to the GRECO concerning the appointment of scientific experts and consultants.
  3. The Bureau shall carry out any other function assigned to it by the GRECO.
  4. The Bureau shall exercise its functions under the general supervision of the GRECO.

Election of Bureau

(Rule 9 of Rules of Procedure) - Adopted by GRECO 53

  1. The Bureau shall be composed of the President, the Vice-President and up to five representatives to be determined in proportion to the number of members of GRECO.
  2. Rule 5, paragraphs 2 and 3, shall apply, mutatis mutandis to the election and submission of candidatures to seats in the Bureau. However, non-elected candidates to the offices of President or Vice-President will be deemed to have also submitted their candidature to vacant seats in the Bureau. If a Bureau member ceases to be a representative in GRECO or resigns from his or her seat in the Bureau, an election to fill the vacant seat shall take place as soon as possible.
  3. Rule 5, paragraphs 4 and 5, shall also apply to the election of vacant seats in the Bureau. However, in the first ballot, candidates having obtained the majority of the votes cast will be elected. In the second ballot, the remaining vacant seats will be filled by candidates following the decreasing order of the number of votes received respectively.
  4. The Bureau shall function according to and be entrusted with the tasks enumerated in Article 9 of the Statute of GRECO.
  5. Meetings of the Bureau shall be convened at regular intervals by the Executive Secretary upon instruction of the President or whenever the Executive Secretary considers it necessary for the proper functioning of GRECO.

Members of GRECO Bureau

From 17 June 2022, the composition of GRECO's Bureau is the following :Marin MRČELA (Croatia) - President and Ms Monika OLSSON (Sweden) - Vice-President; Panagiota VATIKALOU (Greece), António DELICADO (Portugal), Vita HABJAN BARBORIČ (Slovenia), Olivier GONIN (Switzerland) and David MEYER (United Kingdom) - members.

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President of GRECO

Chairman of GRECO, Mr Marin MRČELA, Croatia

Justice at the Supreme Court

Vice-President of GRECO

Ms Monika OLSSON
Ministry of Justice



Mr António 

Ministry of Justice

Ms Vita

Commission for the Prevention of Corruption

Mr David MEYER
Ministry of Justice
United Kingdom

Justice at the Supreme Court
Ms Monika OLSSON
Ministry of Justice
Mr Olivier GONIN
Federal Department of Justice and Police FDJP
Federal Office of Justice FOJ
Ms Panagiota VATIKALOU
Presiding Judge | Head of the First Instance Court of Chania