Executive Secretary

  • Ms Livia STOICA BECHT 
  • Ms Irma DZANKOVIC-ARSLAN - Personal Assistant to the Executive Secretary

Deputy Executive Secretary

  • Ms Laura SANZ-LEVIA

Administrative officers

  • Mr David DOLIDZE
  • Mr Stéphane LEYENBERGER
  • Mr Ylli PECO
  • Ms Anne WEBER
  • Ms Tanja GERWIEN
  • Ms Victoria CHERNIYCHUK 

Central Office

  • Ms Penelope PREBENSEN - Administrative Assistant
  • Ms Carla RIQUELME - Assistant
  • Ms Hayarpi ARSHAKYAN - Assistant 


  • Ms Bianca VALENTE


GRECO Secretariat
Directorate General of Legal Affairs and Human Rights
Council of Europe
F-67075 Strasbourg Cedex

Your input is valuable to us. Please send us your suggestions. Please note that GRECO does not have a mandate to investigate individual cases of alleged corruption. We are therefore not in a position to reply to correspondence of that nature.