(Article 18 of the Statute)

1. The Statutory Committee shall be composed of the representatives on the Committee of Ministers of the Member States of the Council of Europe which are also members of the GRECO and of representatives specifically designated to that effect by the other members of the GRECO.

2. The Statutory Committee shall determine every year the members' compulsory contributions to the GRECO. The scale according to which the contributions of non-members of the Council of Europe are calculated shall be decided in agreement with the latter; as a general rule, that scale shall conform to the criteria for the determination of the scale of contributions to the general budget of the Council of Europe.

3. The Statutory Committee shall adopt every year the GRECO's budget on expenditure relating to the implementation of the programme of activities and common secretariat expenditure. The Statutory Committee shall approve every year the GRECO's annual accounts which shall be drawn up by the Secretary General of the Council of Europe in accordance with the Financial Regulations of the Council of Europe and submitted to the Statutory Committee accompanied by the report of the Board of Auditors. In order to discharge the Secretary General from responsibility for the management of the financial year in question, the Statutory Committee shall transmit to the Committee of Ministers the annual accounts, together with its approval or any comments, and the report drawn up by the Board of Auditors.

5. The Financial Regulations of the Council of Europe shall apply, mutatis mutandis, to the adoption and management of the budget.

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