The Social Charter at a glance

is a short leaflet which presents in a concise and precise manner the rights guaranteed by the Charter and it is available in 20 languages.

Collective Complaints Procedure

Available in English, French, Italian and Swedish



Poster of the Interparliamentary Conference on the European Social Charter & the Turin Forum on Social Rights in Europe

17-18 March 2016, Turin, Italy





Poster of the High level Conference on the European Social Charter

17-18 October 2014, Turin, Italy





Poster "Social Rights, human rights in everday life"

Also available in French




Tell me, what is the European Social Charter?

An illustrated booklet which help children understand the meaning of social rights and how the Charter works.

Also available in FrenchPolish, Estonian


50th Anniversary of the European Social Charter - Human rights in everyday life (2011)

This leaflet gives a concise description of  the rights guaranteed by this Council of Europe Treaty which protects the social rights of European citizens.

Also available in French, German, Italian and Russian