The European Social Charter: the next 10 years

Seminar to mark the tenth anniversary of the European Social Charter (revised)
3 May 2006, Strasbourg, Palais de l'Europe



Chair: Mr Bernard Marquet, President of the Social, Health and Family Affairs Committee, Parliamentary Assembly

Moderator:  Mrs Jane Dinsdale, Director General ad interim, Directorate General of Human Rights

The Social Charter's implementation in the member States

The role of the executive and the legislature

Ms Christina Zorlin, Director. Directorate for Sectorial Operational Programme for Human Resources Development, Ministry of Labour, Bucharest, Romania

The role of the judiciary

Professor Martin Scheinin. Professor of constitutional and international law, Institute for Human Rights, Abo Akademie University, Finland

Ceremony, Foyer of the Committee of Ministers

Address delivered at the commemoration ceremony of the 10 anniversary of the Revised Charter, Foyer of the Committee of Ministers     


Chair: Mr Vojtech Tkac, Committee on Legal Affairs and Human Rights, Parliamentary Assembly

Moderator: Mr Philippe BOILLAT, Director, Directorate General of Human Rights

The Social Charter and the European Convention on Human Rights

Introductory report

Professor Jean-François Akandji-Kombe. Director, Master Programme on Fundamental Rights, Caen University, France

The Social Charter and the European Union

Introductory report (French only)

Professor Olivier de Schutter. Louvain Catholic University, Belgium

Closing session

General Report

Mr Colm O'Cinneide. University College, London, United Kingdom