The importance of personal data is growing considerably, and this is true for virtually all modern activities, from the management of civil life, education and teaching, to commerce and many economic activities. It is also increasingly coveted for criminal activities, facilitated by the development of the digital environment. Personal data are also incorporated into digital ID projects, in a variety of ways, which may entail risks to the empowerment of individuals, respect for their human dignity as well as various forms of discrimination. Increasingly interconnected economies and the movement of people make data flows inevitable.

These issues will be addressed at the Regional Conference on Personal Data Protection, organised in collaboration with the National Data Protection Authority of Tunisia (INPDP) and the League of Arab States.

This conference will be an opportunity to raise awareness among the countries of the southern Mediterranean region of the need for strong personal data protection for the benefit of both individuals and economies. It also aims to offer participants representing countries in the region - Algeria, Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon, Morocco, Tunisia - an opportunity to exchange experiences and practices and to advance the issue in the region.