Andorra became the 33rd member State of the Council of Europe on 10 November 1994.

Convention 108 Signed 31/05/2007
  Ratified 06/05/2008
Convention 108+ Signed 28/01/2019
National Constitution   Art. 14 Constitution de 1993
Specific National Legislation  

Law 15/2003 of 18 December, qualified in Personal Data Protection

Regulation of the Data Protection Agency of Andorra

Enacted   18/12/2033
Scope Manual Processing Yes

Non Natural person No

Public or private sector Both
Registration or Notification   All data
Special Authorisation for Exportation   Some data to countries which do not ensure an adequate level of protection
Data Protection Authority   Agence Andorrane de protection de données
Agencia Andorrana De Proteccio De Dades Carrer Prat de la Creu 59-65, Esc. À, 3er. 1era  ANDORRA LA VELLA Principat d'Andorra Phone : 00376 808115 / Fax. 00376 808118 Email : [email protected]