Data Protection Day 2019

Strasbourg 28 January 2018
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Data Protection Day 2019

On 28 January 2019, the 13th edition of Data Protection Day will be celebrated globally. It aims at raising awareness on the right to data protection. The Council of Europe, initiator of this important celebration, continues to play a leading role by encouraging and showcasing initiatives held on this occasion.

Celebrated yearly at the same date, Data Protection Day marks the anniversary of the opening for signature of Convention 108, the global data protection Convention.

The main goal of this day is to educate the public on data protection challenges, and inform the individuals about their rights and how to exercise them. In this perspective, the first Stefano Rodotà Award, established by the Committee of Convention 108, will honour innovative and original academic research projects in the field of data protection. The winners will be announced on the occasion of this special date.

Guidelines on Artificial Intelligence and data protection will also be released on 28 January. Adopted by the Committee of Convention 108, their role is to help policy makers and developers facing new challenges induced by the development of artificial intelligence.

Among other initiatives, the Council of Europe also provides you with a yearly opportunity to be informed of the various activities carried out in the countries contributing to the work of the Committee of Convention 108 (online compilation available on our website).

In addition, the Council of Europe is supporting the organisation by the Moroccan National Data Protection Commission, of a Conference on the theme "Protection of digital privacy: challenges and prospects", in Fes, Morocco. Three main themes will be addressed: Data protection in Morocco and around the world; Social networks and democracy; and Social networks and risks to young people's privacy.

The Council of Europe will also attend and contribute to the Computer, Privacy and Data Protection Conference (CPDP) 2019 held in Brussels from 30 January to 1 February. This annual international Conference brings together policy makers, academics and practitioners to exchange views regarding information technology, privacy, data protection and law.

This year the Council of Europe is intervening in 4 panels:

And there could be no better date than 28 January for a new signature of Convention 108+ ! Andorra will be the 25th signatory, out of the 53 Parties to the Convention.