Third Regional Seminar

"Faro Convention for concrete action on cultural heritage"

Council of Europe - European Union Joint Project
“The Faro Way: enhanced participation in cultural heritage”

10-11 June 2021, ONLINE

(participation on invitation)

The Council of Europe, the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Youth of Georgia and the Georgian National Agency for Cultural Heritage Preservation are jointly organising a high-level seminar “Faro Convention for concrete action on cultural heritage”, that will take place from 10 to 11 June 2021 in an online format.

This meeting is being organised in the framework of the Council of Europe - European Union partnership in the field of culture and cultural heritage and, more specifically, their Joint Project “The Faro Way: enhanced participation in cultural heritage”, which aims at promoting and disseminating the principles of the Council of Europe’s Faro Convention and encouraging its signature, ratification and implementation in the member States.

It will bring together representatives of Ministries in charge of culture and heritage issues from the Council of Europe and the European Union member States, various international organisations, heritage communities and other local, regional and national stakeholders in culture and heritage fields.

The regional seminar will aim at reflecting on the Faro Convention principles, exchanging on their interpretation and implications and sharing best practices on their implementation among the participants, with the aim to encourage the member States that have not yet done so, to sign and ratify the Convention, as well as create a momentum for increased participation of civil society in cultural heritage governance.

Presentations of the speakers

Faro Convention Principles and the Joint Project: “The Faro Way”

Georgia’s experience on the Faro Convention

  • Ms. Manana Vardzelashvili, Head of the UNESCO and International Relations Unit at the National Agency for Cultural Heritage Preservation of Georgia

Engagement of national authorities and civil society initiatives

Topic 1: Implications of signature and ratification of the Faro Convention

  • Signature: Presentation by Ms. Irene Hadjisavva-Adam, Senior Planning Officer, Department of Town Planning and Housing, Ministry of Interior, Cyprus
  • Ratification: Presentation by Ms. Liina Jänes, Adviser, Cultural Heritage Department, Ministry of Culture, Estonia
  • Legal implications: Presentation by Ms. Simona Pinton, Unversità Ca’Foscari, Venice, Faro Venezia Association

Topic 2: Heritage communities and governance

Topic 3: Potential support to civil society initiatives

Questions & Answers

1 - A case study of the Pompey Bridge in Mtskheta - the antient capital

  • Presentation by Mr. Revaz Mamulashvili, Director of Mtskheta Cultural Heritage and Tourism Development Center

2 - A case study of Machkhaani, Georgia

  • Presentation by Ms. Nana Bagalishvili
Presentations by country

Pompey bridge

Background documents