“Free to Create - Create to be Free”

Digital exhibition of the Council of Europe
12 April 2022
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“Free to Create - Create to be Free”

Georgia has joined the digital #exhibition of the Council of Europe “Free to Create - Create to be Free” with a collaborative work by Tea Burki and Tamar Giorgadze. After contributions on the platform from Germany, Poland, Azerbaijan, Lithuania, Serbia and Austria, now Georgia features the digital mural painting “Picnic”, revolving around the established theme in art history, and diving into the floating pictorial language of the dichotomy of digital and manual sensibilities.

The work highlights the role of collaborative practices enabling freedom of artistic expression beyond the individual realm of artists, fostering community and mutual understanding between creativity and innovation in the digital and analog formats.


Credits: Teo Burki | Tamar Giorgadze: Picnic, 2021, digital mural painting, © the artists.



Armenia has contributed to the #exhibition of the Council of Europe “Free to Create - Create to be Free” with two artworks by Arman Harutyunyan and Arthur Hovahannisyan. After artworks received by Germany, Poland, Azerbaijan, Lithuania, Serbia, Austria and Georgia, the Armenian contributions feature two main priorities in linking artistic freedom and human rights: Hovahannisyan’s painting “The Yard” sheds light on children’s rights to freedom, as guaranteeing spaces of freedom at an early age is crucial for the further emotional, psychical and social development of future generations to become self-conscious, mature and critical citizens. The digital poster “Re_Vive” by Harutyunyan reflects on the artist’s role in mobilizing society against injustice and announcing new visions of possible futures.


Credit: Arthur Hovhannisyan: The Yard, 2018, oil on canvas, 180 x 120 cm, © the artist.


Credit: Arman Harutyunyan: Re_Vive, 2021, poster, ink on paper conceived as a digital artwork, 75 x 100 cm, © the artist.