Faro Convention in Action is an active learning platform where the Faro Convention Network builds on its good practices, and generates dynamic dialogue among practitioners, facilitators and heritage actors.

Through ongoing action-process-reflection, the Convention keeps its dynamic elements of redefining its principles and contributing to a better understanding of the Faro Convention spirit and its implications at local, national and international levels.

Faro Convention good practices

Community-based and heritage-led initiatives in line with the Faro Convention’s principles are identified, studied and promoted, bringing these experiences from local level to European level. The Faro Convention Action Plan plays a crucial role as a platform (workshop) for learning and reflection, encompassing accumulated knowledge, experience, wisdom and expertise across the CoE members States and beyond in order to offer a pool of good practices, particularly for the implementation of Strategy 21. For an initiative to be considered a good practice, it goes through a process, including

  • identification of the potential good practice
  • observation of the good practice by FCN members (appreciation visit)
  • documentation of the practice
  • introduction of the practice to FCN members
  • testing of the practice in diverse settings to verify the validity
  • declaration of a good practice to be included in the CoE good practices pool
  • promotion of the good practice and its use through workshops, Faro Convention Labs, etc.

Good practices

Faro Convention Workshops

The Faro Convention Network offers periodic workshops to introduce potential good practices, awareness raising on specific issues related to the Convention and its implantation, skill building on specific good practices. Various workshop modules are produced and made available at the Faro Convention Action Plan website and could be made available at the request of member States, local and regional administrations as well as the heritage communities.