The Cross-Border Cinema Culture (CBCC) was a pilot project within the Kyiv Initiative carried out in Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Republic of Moldova and Ukraine.

It helped countries update their cultural policies and legislation affecting the film industry and provided targeted professional training. It encouraged exchanges between filmmakers, film critics and multinational (regional and international) cultural and professional networks. The CBCC also addressed local heritage preservation issues and their management.



The CBCC project, inspired by the Directors Across Borders and their programme organised during the Golden Apricot International Film Festival, brought together regional filmmakers, producers and key players in the world of the film industry. By carrying out the CBCC project within the KI Regional Programme, cinema acted as a tool to promote inter-cultural dialogue and improve human relations as it can remain free from political, ideological, racial and religious borders.



The CBCC targeted common problems faced by KI states and aimed to establish a professional "common area" of co-operation and development in the film industry. It concentrated on:

  • reviving the role of cinema in cultural policies;
  • providing professional training;
  • promoting festival networking;
  • managing problems of cinema heritage;
  • encouraging film production / co-production between the KI states and internationally;
  • publishing a Film Professionals Guide for KI states.



The CBCC contribution to the Kyiv Initiative Regional Programme was of strategic importance as it: developed regional cultural policies in the KI states; promoted European values; provided a mechanism to settle common problems in the KI states; fostered regional and multilateral co-operation.



  • Directors, producers, script writers, cinema journalists, film critics;
  • Production companies / film industry organisations;
  • International organisations;
  • Governmental cultural organisations;
  • Archives / audiovisual heritage;
  • NGOs;
  • General public.



Activities included:

  • Expert guidance on legislation affecting the cinema industry and archives;
  • Professional training for filmmakers, producers, cinema journalists and film critics;
  • Exchange visits to Film Festivals;
  • Problem management sessions.



The main partners of the CBCC project were filmmakers, the Ministries of Culture of Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Republic of Moldova and Ukraine, International Film Festivals and Funds and Organisations co-operating with these Festivals and International Training Initiatives for Professionals.