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Heritage Community Parnas

© Metka Staric

© Metka Staric

Location of the initiative:

 SLOVENIA - P. C. 1315, Velike Lašče

Relation to Strategy 21 Recommendations:

S9 - Support intergenerational and intercultural projects to promote heritage

Time span of the initiative:


Brief description of the initiative:

The Heritage Community Rob (HC) was established on the basis of rich natural and cultural heritage of village Rob and surroundings. In association with its members, which are all volunteers (30-40 of all ages), is trying to improve the knowledge about heritage and to achieve a significant awarenessrising. They also want to put out the importance of locals as custodians of heritage and their voluntary activities that are related to heritage and performed in collaboration with other NGO's and public institutions. In HC are working with different target groups: they encourage and include young people, local schools, older woman, families, experts, local community. They are preparing study courses for older people, special programmes for young volunteers, consulting for providers in eco-tourism. Educational material (brochures, movies, books, postcards etc.) is prepared with younger professional from their area, especially with those who need to practise their knowledge, before they find the regular employment. These projects and actions are prepared with different types of heritage: roman defence system - limes, natural local resorts - Natura 2000, arts and crafts: bookbinding, woodenware, baking of traditional Christmas bread etc.

Objectives of the initiative:

  • Preparing of new education and interpretation programmes, based on heritage (also for new kind of use or reuse of heritage).
  • Exploring of local heritage for developing the offer in eco-tourism.
  • Networking of the Heritage Community in the intergenerational projects.

Brief assessment of the initiative’s results:

After 16 years of continuous operating of HC Parnas - they made few recognizable contents - especially on the field of cultural heritage, rural development and protected areas. Their biggest push forward was in the 2008 with their touring exhibition with additional contents (lectures, workshops, cultural programme). They have promoted the first Slovene writer Primož Trubar and his communication of national pride and the importance of Slovene literacy. They were successful in connection of Slovene around the Europe. They prepared 17 hosting exhibitions in Europe and 10 in Slovenia. Each year 4000 pupils attended educational programmes in museum Trubarjeva domačija (bookbinding workshops and other programmes). They also prepared some programmes in schools and libraries in other parts of Slovenia (cca. 1500 attendees). In the 2011 they have got award for the project, in which they involved locals into cultural heritage interpretation, promotion and protection. The last important initiative was to prepare the protection of baking of traditional Christmas bread 'poprtnik' in cooperation with Slovene ethnographic museum: they promote and connect carriers - seven groups of housewife from different parts of Slovenia. Now they made a proposal to pronounce this intangible heritage as heritage of national importance.

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Metka Starič
Zavod Parnas
1315 Velike Lašče