Strasbourg, 15-17 June 2015


1. Opening of the meeting, adoption of the agenda and up-date on ratifications of the Lanzarote Convention
Order of Business

2. Monitoring of the implementation of the Lanzarote Convention

2.1 Conclusion of the analysis of replies to Question 14 of the Thematic Questionnaire: “Child-friendly investigations and procedures”

2.2 Examination of the revised draft 1st implementation report on “The protection of children against sexual abuse in the circle of trust: the legal and judicial frameworks”

3. Exchange of information, experience and good practice

3.1 Continuation of the examination and adoption of the draft opinion and its explanatory note on Article 23 of the Lanzarote Convention on “Solicitation of children for sexual purposes”

3.2 Presentation of the results of the 1st meeting of the Working Group on Trends in Child Sexual Exploitation and Abuse

3.3 Activities by international governmental and non-governmental organisations

3.3.1 Exchange of views with Ms Maud DE BOER-BUQUICCHIO, UN Special Rapporteur on the sale of children, child pornography and child prostitution

3.3.2 Exchange of views with Ms Marta SANTOS PAIS, Special Representative of the UN Secretary-General on Violence against Children

3.3.3 Presentation by Missing Children Europe, ECPAT International or eNACSO of the results of their Workshop on the transposition of Directive 2011/93/EU with regard to the topics of grooming, disqualification & screening, and child-friendly justice (24 April 2015, Brussels)

3.3.4 Presentation by Ms Turid HEIBERG, Head of the Children at Risk Unit of the Council of the Baltic Sea States (CBSS) of the CBSS activities related to the protection of children against sexual exploitation and sexual abuse

3.4 Exchange of views with Mr Matthew McVARISH on the statute of limitations (Article 33 of the Lanzarote Convention)1

3.5 Update on the ONE in FIVE Campaign initiatives

3.6 Participation of the Lanzarote Committee in outside events: debriefings


3.6.2 Mr Stevan POPOVIC – Seminar on the promotion of safe and healthy sport environments, project “Pro Safe Sport for Young Athletes”, 28 April 2015, Minsk

3.6.3 Ms Tiziana ZANNINI – Closing Conference of the project “Pro Safe Sport for Young Athletes”, 4 May 2015, Rome

3.6.4 Mr Claude JANIZZI – 2nd meeting of the Committee of Experts on the Council of Europe Strategy for the Rights of the Child 2016-2019 (DECS-ENF), 12-13 May 2015, Strasbourg

3.6.5 Ms Maria José CASTELLO-BRANCO – Congress of the International Catholic Child Bureau (BICE) on “The protection of children against sexual abuse”, 20 May 2015, Paris

3.6.6 Ms Tatiana TURCAN – 23rd meeting of the PACE Network to stop sexual violence against children on “Strategies and mechanisms to protect children from sexual abuse”, 20 May 2015, Chisinau

3.6.7 Mr Emmanuel BARON (Secretariat of the Council of Europe South Programme), recent presentation of the Lanzarote Convention to relevant authorities in Jordan and Tunisia respectively by Mr Eric RUELLE (former Chairperson of the Lanzarote Committee) and Ms Ina VERZIVOLLI (current member of the Bureau of the Lanzarote Committee)

4. Procedural matters

4.1 Review of the Rules of procedure of the Lanzarote Committee

4.2 Appointment of Rapporteurs for Questions 3, 5, 8, and 9b of the Thematic Questionnaire

5. Dates of the next meeting

  • 13-15 October 2015

¹Please note that there will be a screening of the theatre play "To Kill a Kelpie", followed by a debate with Mr Matthew McVarish, on 17 June 2015 at 17:45 in the cinema room of the Palais.

List of decisions
Report of the 12th meeting