25 to 28 October 2021 2 pm

Europäischer Tag der Justiz - Deutschland - 2021

Online and Kiehl (Germany)
Event Information

25 October 2021

2 pm: Specialist event

Introduction: Digitalisation of judicial cooperation in civil and criminal matters

Workshop: The new Brussels IIb Regulation - Custody disputes in the EU after the reform

5.30 pm: Member States' Constitutional Courts and the European Court of Justice: Partners in the European Court Network

27 October 2021

6.30 pm: Citizens' event : Dokulive: What you always wanted to know about the European Union !
followed by a discussion

25 and 28 October 2021

Student events: Communicating the rule of law together

The aim is to raise pupils' awareness and appreciation of our and appreciation for our constitutional values and values and structures. To this end, judges, public prosecutors judges and public prosecutors come into the schools and public prosecutors come to schools and address current and fundamental
questions relating to the rule of law.

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