The CEPEJ has implemented a Roadshow consisting in:

  • Improving the knowledge of the CEPEJ’s activities among the stakeholders in the member states
  • Explaining to legal professionals how to use the tools developped by the CEPEJ in Courts
  • Getting feedback of the use of CEPEJ's tools


Half day sessions in the main cities of the member states, led by one or two "CEPEJ's Ambassadors"(CEPEJ's members or experts), aimed at a wide legal and judicial public including (inter alia):

  • Judges
  • Prosecutors
  • Court clerks
  • Justice auxiliaries (lawyers, Notaries, enforcement agents, …)
  • Officials in the Ministry of Justice
  • Members of the Councils for the Judiciary
  • Judicial inspection bodies
  • Judicial training institutions 
  • Parliamentarians
  • Academicians


Roadshow sessions are organised by national CEPEJ members, with the assistance of the CEPEJ Secretariat (Annette Sattel: annette.sattel [at] coe.int - + (33) (0)3 88 41 39 04). The sessions are animated by the CEPEJ Ambassadors specialy trained to this end.


The organisation of a Road Show session is made on the initiative of national CEPEJ members. It can be organised:

  • Before or after a specific CEPEJ event which has already been foreseen (targeted cooperation activity, peer evaluation meeting, participation of CEPEJ's members in a specific seminar or colloquy);
  • On an ad hoc basis (CEPEJ's Ambassadors coming on purpose to led a session on a specific issue)

The national members of the CEPEJ are entrusted with:

  • The invitation of the participants
  • The hiring of the meeting room
  • The interpretation (either in English or in French) and other logistic issues

If so requested, and according to previous agreement with the CEPEJ's Secretariat, the CEPEJ's budget can contribute to some organisational costs (interpretation, for instance) through an administrative arrangement to be concluded with the local organisers.