European Day of Justice 201631 October 2016 (2-4 pm)

The Ministry of Justice, in cooperation with the Council of Europe Office in Belgrade, organised an event for the purpose of presentation of the 2016 CEPEJ Report and the work of CEPEJ, on Wednesday, November 23, 2016 in Belgrade, with the attendance of over 50 participants – representatives of the judiciary, relevant judicial institutions, judiciary related NGO’s, international partners and donor community. The topics which have been covered were:

  • Overview of the report CEPEJ 2016 edition of the report "European judicial systems - Efficiency and quality of justice" and main conclusions
  • Comparing data and concepts: pitfalls to be avoided when interpreting data
  • Presentation of the 2016 results: a major innovation through a new dynamic data base 
  • Overview of the procedure and experiences in filling out the Scheme for Evaluating Judicial Systems, 2014-2016 Cycle
  • Overview of the Special Thematic Report on ICT and Serbia

The First Basic Court in Belgrade - which has joined the CEPEJ Network of Pilot Courts in September 2016, as the first court from the Republic of Serbia to join this CEPEJ network, has in order to mark and promote the European Day of Justice initiated and held an Open Door Event, inviting elementary school students (7th and 8th grades) from Belgrade into its premises.

In the premises of the criminal department of the First Basic Court in Belgrade mock trials were organised in which students had a chance to be in the role of judges, jurors, prosecutors' assistants, trainee lawyers and court reporter, and to together render a ruling in the mock case and express their opinions on the decisions taken.

The Open Door event we organized primarily in order to prevent negative phenomena in schools, as well as to provide and occasion for contact between the judiciary and citizens, and to approximate the court's work and procedures to students through real encounters with judges, prosecutors, judicial assistants, interns, court clerks, clerks and court staff.

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