United Kingdom

25 October 2009

Equality, Justice, Communities: What do these terms really mean to you, how do they work together and how can you influence this agenda to ensure the justice system meets your needs?

Come along and help us discuss these issues at our second annual Equality in Justice Day.

With staff from the MoJ, other Government departments and external stakeholders in attendance, we hope that every person will leave with a better understanding of how the MoJ is working and engaging with the wider community across the country and how we can move forward in this way.

There will be organisations representing the different strands of diversity, with a wealth of information for you to take advantage of.

The day will consist of a variety of sessions run by field specialists, with plenty of audience participation to ensure you are involved in highlighting the issues that need to be addressed and the steps to take in addressing them. We are lucky enough to have Carolyn Downs, the Deputy Permanent Secretary and Board-level champion for equality and diversity issues, as a speaker. We also have a specialist panel who will lead a Q&A session, including Mary Shaw (Head of the MoJ Corporate Equality Division) and Richard Wilkinson, author of ‘The Spirit Level.’



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