25 October 2021

Launch a new level of the courtbattle-quiz

Denmark - virtual event
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The Courts of Denmark and the Danish Court Administration have decided to repeat the success of last year and launch a new level of the courtbattle-quiz in order to celebrate the European Day of Justice.

In order to protect something, you have to understand why protection is valuable. The last year developed www.domstolsdysten.dk has been integrated a new level to the three available quizzes on the site (one of these is also available in an English version). The new level has corruption as theme. The objective is to raise awareness about what corruption is, what consequences corruption has, and what measures for example the Danish judiciary have in place against corruption. The aim is also to send a message about the importance of fighting corruption in every judicial system in order to protect and maintain the core values that define and characterize an independent judiciary. At the same time we hope to make people wiser on how corruption plays in the world today. In the new level of the quiz you will find questions about everything from types of corruption, consequences of corruption, the definition of corruption, types of cases and measures to fight corruption etc.

We hope that many will find it fun to test the quizzes. Two levels are available in English.

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