SwitzerlandCEPEJ Member: Jacques BUEHLER

Secrétaire Général suppléant
Tribunal fédéral suisse

Deputy member: Marc-Antoine BOREL, Dr. en droit, avocat
Adjoint du Secrétaire général
Tribunal fédéral suisse

Switzerland - European Cyberjustice Network members (ECN)

Jacques BUEHLER    
General Project Manager of the Justitia 4.0 project
Programme Manager of the IT Harmonisation Programme in Criminal Justice         

National Correspondents

Secrétaire Général suppléant
Tribunal fédéral suisse

Pilot Court

Cour de justice de la République et canton de Genève
6. rue de l'Athénée, Case postale 3966, 1211 GENEVE 3

Evaluation Exercise

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Recent developments in the judicial field

A new law on the federal court is to come into force in 2007, concerning in particular access to the Federal Court: simplification of the appeals procedure (the number of types of appeals is to be reduced from 20 to 4), possibility of communicating with the Court electronically, all court decisions to be referred to a court of appeal at cantonal level before they can be referred to the Federal Court.

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