PortugalCEPEJ Member: João Arsénio DE OLIVEIRA

Head of Department
International Affairs Department
Directorate-General for Justice Policy 
Ministry of Justice
Av. D. João II, n.º 1.08.01 E, Torre H, Pisos 2/3, 1990-097 Lisboa, Portugal
+351 217 924 030, +351 217 924 090, joao.p.oliveira [at] dgpj.mj.pt

Portugal - European Cyberjustice Network member (ECN)

Carlos Gandarez    
Head of the Case Simplification and Analysis Unit of the Portuguese Ministry of Justice
 carlos.a.gandarez [at] dgpj.mj.pt

National Correspondent

Legal Adviser 
Cabinet des relations internationales
Direction Générale de la politique de la justice
Minsitère de la Justice
Av. D. João II, lote 1.08.01E
Torre H, pisos 2/3
1990-097 LISBON
+351 217 924 030
+351 217 924 090
Sara.a.almeida [at] dgpj.mj.pt

Pilot Courts

Tribunal de Comarca de Coimbra
Palácio da Justiça – Rua da Sofia, 3004-502 Coimbra
(+351) 239 096 605
juiz.presidente.coimbra [at] tribunais.org.pt

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