Partnership for good governanceProgramme’s Objectives

Strengthen the quality, independence and efficiency of the judiciary:

Take all necessary measures to establish and promote the independence of judges and judicial self-governing bodies;

Strengthen judicial training;

Optimise court management practices;

Strengthen the role of courts in delivering user-oriented justice:

  • Enhance and support the implementation of the reform of judiciary in Azerbaijan in line with CoE standards.

Expected results

  • The efficiency and quality of judicial services in five pilot courts are improved through application of the methodology and tools developed by the CEPEJ on judicial time management and quality of justice. The quality of judicial statistics is improved as a result of capacity building support to the judicial authorities and pilot courts.
  • An action plan to roll out the results of the pilot phase for increased efficiency and quality of judicial services is developed in dialogue with the judicial and governmental authorities.
  • The training methodology and curricula for judges (initial and in-service) of the Justice Academy are further improved in line with European standards and good practice, particularly in relation to the application of law and weighing evidence ("judgecraft"), through support to training of trainers (with modern and interactive training methodologies), development of training courses, introduction of new training and evaluation methodologies etc.
  • The capacities of the Justice Academy to train judges and court staff on efficient court management and quality of justice in line with European standards are strengthened. The CEPEJ tools and guidelines on efficiency and quality of justice are integrated in the programmes for initial and continuous training of judges and court managers/staff.
  • The legal framework concerning the Judicial Legal Council (JLC) and its operational practices are further aligned to CoE standards and specific recommendations.

Beneficiaries and stakeholders: Ministry of Justice, Judicial Legal Council, Judge’s Selection Committee, Justice Academy and pilot courts of the Republic of Azerbaijan.

CEPEJ Documents translated into Azeri

Other documents translated into Azeri

Project news Project news

Final conference of the PCF project to improve the efficiency and quality of judicial services in Azerbaijan

15 March 2017 Azerbaijan

Between July 2015 and March 2017 the CEPEJ and judicial authorities of the Republic of Azerbaijan co-operated actively to improve the efficiency of courts and the quality of judicial services. Designated pilot courts and the Justice Academy of Azerbaijan implemented tools developed by the CEPEJ...

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Pilot courts in Azerbaijan actively implement CEPEJ tools and share the lessons learned with the public, other courts and stakeholders

6-8 February 2017 Azerbaijan

Five pilot courts of Azerbaijan, including two appellate courts (Sumgayit and Sheki) and three first instance courts (Yasamal (district of Baku), Oghuz and Sumgayit administrative-economic court), are actively engaged in improving their own management and quality of services in line with...

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Interview of Ramin Gurbanov, Vice-President of the CEPEJ

11 january 2017 Azerbaijan

In an interview which was made at the Council of Europe studios, the Vice President of the CEPEJ, Mr Ramin Gurbanov explains the objectives of the CEPEJ and its missions in European courts. He also addressed the joint EU/COE project which is being implemented by the Council of Europe entitled:...

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