Back ECN Webinar #7/2024 Generative AI in the field of Justice

ECN Webinar #7/2024 Generative AI in the field of Justice

Is generative artificial Intelligence (AI) suitable for the administration of justice? The use of generative AI in the private sector is on the rise and new systems are rolled out nearly every day. But what is the situation for the public sector? What are the tools currently used and what are their limits, what are suitable areas of application?

Following the “Information note on the Use of Generative AI by judicial professionals in a work-related context”, prepare by the CEPEJ Working group on Cyberjustice and Artificial Intelligence (CEPEJ-GT-CYBERJUST), the European Cyberjustice Network (ECN) will present and discuss concrete generative AI tools from Portugal and Spain applied in the public sector for the communication with citizens on legal matters and the summarising of texts.

Are you aware of other generative AI systems applied in the administration of justice? Let us know via this form.

Link to Agenda

Link to Information note on the Use of Generative AI

Link to Practical Guide to Access to justice (GPJ)

Link to Generative AI Insights from the Spanish MoJ 

Online 20 February 2024
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