Delib – a for-profit social venture providing a range of tools for citizen involvement (in English)

Dicopart (Dictionnaire Critique et Interdisciplinaire de la Participation) – lexicon of terms and concepts concerning engagement (in French)

Les États généraux de la bioéthique (« Bioethics Forum ») is a form of citizen consultation provided for by law, (hearings, events in the regions, consultation on the Internet, citizen committee) to gather the opinion of citizens before the re-examination and possible modification of existing French bioethics law (in French)

Fonden Teknologirådet (Board of Technology Foundation) – Danish organisation supporting technology assessment and foresight, public engagement, Responsible Research and Innovation (RRI), and new forms of governance (in Danish and English)

Guide No.5 of UNESCO – on National Bioethics Committees and Public Engagement

Involve – UK organisation providing advice and support for democratic participation in areas including science and health policy (in English; Involve has summary descriptions of over 50 different approaches to public debate at

Sciencewise – the Sciencewise programme is the UK Government’s exemplar of how to develop robust evidence on public views to inform policy development in areas of scientific and technological innovation. Established in 2004, the programme has supported over 50 dialogue projects. (in English)