The Group of Specialists is responsible for:

- examining the applications for the European Diploma for Protected Areas submitted by the governments to ensure that the proposed sites are of European interest and are properly managed and conserved;

- deciding on whether to recommend that the Committee of Ministers should award the European Diploma to the area concerned, after examining the report of the appraisal presented by an independent expert; usually accompany this expression of support with a series of conditions and/or recommendations;

- ensuring the monitoring of the implementation of the recommendations and conditions (if any) attached to the European Diploma awarded to the area.

The Group of Specialists holds annual meetings in Strasbourg.         

Meeting 2018 Meeting 2018
Strasbourg, France 21-22 February 2018

Group of Specialists on the European Diploma

Meetings 2017 Meetings 2017
Strasbourg, France 8 March 2017

Group of Specialists on the European Diploma

Reports of Meetings & Visits Reports of Meetings & Visits