Back Group of Specialists on the European Diploma

Strasbourg, France 7 March 2016
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Agenda Item 3 - General information on activities presenting an interest for the work of the Group

  • Final report of the 35th Standing Committee meeting - T-PVS(2015)30E


Agenda Item 4 - Short presentation of the report of the meeting of the Group in 2015 and of the activities undertaken during the last year


Agenda Item 5 - Outcomes of the workshop on "Protected Areas in Europe: the next 50 years", Pisa Declaration and Recommendation No. 181 (2015) on the Future of the EDPA


Agenda Item 7 - Results of the advisory visits, discussion and proposals to the Committee of Ministers of the Council of Europe

  • Poloniny National Park (Slovak Republic)
    • Extract from the list of decisions and texts adopted at the 35th Standing Committee meeting - T-PVS/DE(2016)07E
    • Draft Resolution on the withdrawal of the EDPA - T-PVS/DE(2015)09E Appendix V
    • Updated Progress reports on the Fulfilment of the Resolution CM/ResDip(2012)19 on the renewal of the EDPA to the Poloniny National Park - T-PVS/DE(2015)13 and T-PVS/DE(2016)09
    • Report of the visit of the Independent Expert to Poloniny National Park - T-PVS/DE(2015)14
  • Bialowieźa National Park (Poland)
    • Report of the visit of the Independent Expert to Bialowieźa National Park - T-PVS/DE(2016)05
    • Report by the Government - T-PVS/DE(2016)06
    • Draft Resolution on the renewal of the EDPA to Bialowieźa National Park (Poland) - T-PVS/DE(2016)08


Agenda Item 8  - Presentation of the reporting results

  • Compilation of annual reports by EDPA zones - T-PVS/DE(2016)03
  • Expert analysis of annual reports submitted by the European Diploma areas in 2015 - T-PVS/DE(2016)10