Back Emerald biogeographical evaluation Seminar for Armenia, Azerbaijan and Georgia

The first Emerald Biogeographical Seminar for Armenia, Azerbaijan and Georgia will aim at agreeing on the reference list for species and habitats as well as at assessing -at a biogeographical level- the extent to which the candidate Emerald sites proposed in the three countries are sufficient to ensure proper conservation of habitats and species listed respectively in Resolutions 4 (1996) and 6 (1998) of the Bern Convention. The further needs for site proposals to complete the Emerald network will also be addressed.
Hotel Holiday Inn, Tbilisi, Georgia 27-29 May 2015
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This biogeographical evaluation phase is a necessary step before sites can be officially adopted as Emerald sites by the Bern Convention’s Standing Committee. The evaluation follows the methodology described in the Revised criteria for assessing the National Lists of proposed Emerald sites (ASCIs) at biogeographical level and procedure for examining and approving Emerald candidate sites and is in line with the Emerald Calendar 2011-2020, adopted by the Standing Committee to the Bern Convention on 9 December 2011.

The meeting will the chaired by the Vice-Chair of the Bern Convention Standing Committee, Mr. Jan Plesnik, and the evaluations will be done by a group of scientific experts to the Bern Convention. The meeting will equally be attended by at least one representative of the national authorities, as well as NGOS, from the target countries. Independent experts from the different groups of species and habitats to be tackled through the Seminar will also be invited with the specific role to provide their expert opinion in cases of disagreement during the evaluation.




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