Berezinsky State Reserve

The reserve is located in the marginal zone of the last Viurms Glacier and is characterized by a young glacier relief with rare combination of moraine heights, lake-glacier plains and abundant deep hollows. The stages of the present surface natural evolution are observed in the reserve. The uniqueness of the reserve's territory is also determined by the fact, that it is situated on the plane watershed between the Black and the Baltic Seas and occupies a vast limno- and fluvioglacial plain.

For information:

211188 Domzheritsy
Lepel District
Vitebsk Region

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Belovezhskaya Pushcha National Park

The 1250 km² Pushcha in Belarus and Poland is the last remnant of the vast lowland mixed forest in Europe. BP presents a view on the fauna and processes of the original forests. Over 50% of the forest is in old growth (100 years and more) in natural conditions, with some trees of 600 years old. Following features characterise the BP: effective long-term nature conservation, high diversity and significance as a research site due to its location on the transition zone between West-European mixed hardwood and Eastern Taiga ecosystems.

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