T-PVS Bureau Meeting (2)

Strasbourg, France 5-6 September 2016
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Agenda Item 2 - Implementation of the 2015 Programme of activities


Agenda Item 2.1 - Group of Specialists on the European Diploma for Protected Areas: results of the on-the-spot appraisals for 2016

  • Report of the meeting of the Group of Specialists on the European Diploma for Protected Areas - T-PVS/DE(2016)4E
  • Progress report on the fulfilment of the Resolution of the Committee of Ministers (2012)19 on the European Diploma to the Poloniny National Park - T-PVS/DE(2016)9
  • Draft proposed amendment to Article 9, para. 7, of the revised Regulations for the European Diploma for Protected Areas (CM/ResDip(2008)1) - T-PVS/DE(2016)11


Agenda Item 2.2 - Outcomes of the meeting of the Select Group of Experts on Invasive Alien Species

  • Report of the meeting - T-PVS(2016)12
  • Draft Recommendation on the control of American mink (Neovison vison) in Europe - T-PVS(2016)13E


Agenda Item 2.3 - Outcomes of the 3rd Meeting of the Special Focal Points for Illegal killing, trapping and trade of wild birds


Agenda Item 2.4 - Outcomes of the 9th Meeting of the Group of Experts on Biodiversity and Climate Change

  • Report of the meeting - T-PVS(2016)17E
  • Communicating climate change and biodiversity to policy makers - Manual - T-PVS/Inf(2016)11
  • Draft Recommendation on communicating on climate change and biodiversity - T-PVS(2016)20


Agenda Item 2.5 - Outcomes of the meeting of the Select Group of Experts on the European action Plan for the Osprey

  • Conclusions of the workshop on recovery and reintroduction of the Osprey - T-PVS(2016)18
  • Plan for the Conservation and Recovery of Osprey (Pandion haliaetus) in Europe and the Mediterranean - T-PVS/Inf(2016)12
  • Draft Recommendation on the conservation and recovery of the Osprey (Pandion haliaetus) in Europe - T-PVS(2016)08E


Agenda Item 2.8 - Meeting of the restricted ad-hoc Group of Experts on reporting on the implementation of the Emerald Network: state of preparation and expected results


Agenda Item 3 - Implementation of the Convention : Files

  • Summary of case files and complaints - T-PVS/Notes(2016)2
  • Register of Bern Convention's case-files - T-PVS/Inf(2016)2


Agenda Item 3.1 - Specific Sites - Files open


Agenda Item 3.2 - Possible file


Agenda Item 3.3 - Complaints on stand-by

  • Stand-by: Turkey -  Wind energy: Possible threats to an endangered natural habitat in Izmir
  • Stand-by: Ireland - Presumed risk of national extinction of badgers in Ireland
    • Government report - T-PVS/Files(2016)X
  • Stand-by: Greece -  Presumed large-scale exploitation and marketing of protected marine shelled molluscs
  • Stand-by: Serbia - Presumed deliberate killing of birds
  • Stand-by: "The former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia" - Possible impact of wind-farm developments on bats
  • Stand-by: Turkey - Sport and recreation facilities in Çıralı key turtle nesting beach


Agenda Item 3.4 - Other complaints


Agenda Item 4 - Follow-up of previous recommendations


Agenda Item 7.1 - Draft Agenda of the 36th Standing Committee Meeting


Agenda Item 7.2 - Draft Programme of Activities 2017

  • Draft Calendar of meetings for 2017 - T-PVS/Notes(2016)3
  • Draft Programme of Activities for 2017 - T-PVS(2016)20


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